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Milligan Memorials has been helping people in and around the Coshocton area select the perfect monument for over a century. Our new website contains all of the information you need to know when selecting a monument. There are many options available from size and shape to artwork on the monument itself.

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Grass Marker

These are generally 20 to 48 inches wide, and the top is usually set flush to the ground.


Bevel Marker

Similar to a grass marker, but the top is slanted from back to front, and the marker normally protrudes 6"-12" above the ground.


Slant Marker

These are larger monuments with an angled face. They may be set on a raised base, also of granite, or directly on a concrete foundation.


Upright Monument

Most upright monuments have two parts; the upright top part, called the "tablet" or "die," and the base.


Custom Upright Monument

An upright monument which is carved into a specific shape, such as a heart shape or a "teardrop" shape, can be specially ordered for you.



A Mausoleum is an above-ground granite enclosure, containing one or more burial crypts. Mausoleums may be small and of simple design, or large and ornate.

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Things to consider when buying a memorial

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#1. Size

Size considerations are: the size of the cemetery lot; the amount of inscriptions and design elements you want; the size of surrounding memorials; and price. Naturally, the larger the monument, the more it will cost.

#2. Material

Most memorials today are made from granite. Granite is the most durable, and the most expensive stone used in memorials. Quality granite and other stone, (such as marble), used for memorials is purchased from major stone quarries in the U.S. and around the world. Bronze plaques, such as Veteran's Markers, can be set in cement, or attached to granite monuments.

#3. Color

The rule of thumb is that darker color granites, such as dark red or black, are more expensive. Medium gray granite is the most commonly used when price is an important concern.

#4. Finish

There are three surface finishes you may choose for a granite monument: rock pitch, steeled, and polished. You may also choose any of these in combination.

Rock pitch finish:


A rock pitch finish is a natural, rough-hewn finish used only on the edges or backs of monuments.

Steeled finish:

A steeled finish is a matte, or satin, finish on a smooth stone.


Polished finish:

A polished finish is a smooth, mirror-like surface.

#5. Design

This includes lettering, borders, and even illustrations. First, of course, are the inscriptions where lettering styles are an important consideration. Some dealers may have limited selection of styles of lettering available. Others can provide virtually unlimited choices of type styles. Some dealers charge a flat fee for all inscriptions, while others may charge you "by the letter".

Flat carving:


Borders and other decorations are often done as flat carvings, in which shapes are carved into the stone at a uniform depth.

Shaped carving:


Some dealers may be able to create shaped carvings, which provide a more realistic three-dimensional image, usually for an additional cost.

#6. Artwork

Monuments can be highly personalized by adding scenes, symbols and even portraits to the monument. These can be applied in two ways: Scenic & Etching

Scenic carving:

Scenic-memorial-milligan memorial

Our images which are carved into the stone by the sandblasting process. this is most effective with simple shapes.



By far the most striking method of personalizing your memorial is by Etching the image into the stone with a diamond-tipped tool. These images are more delicate and more realistic. Black granite is recommended for etching. Adding an etching to your monument will also add at least $200 or more to your monument price, with more for more complicated images such as portraits.